Wednesday, 15 December 2010

WIP Space Hulk Terminators and CAT (1)

Clients have given feedback suggesting that the blog is a good place for Work-in-Progress information - rather than cluttering up the 'Gallery' tag which will be used for complete jobs, the 'Works in Progress' tag can be used to see what's been worked on, when.

It should be noted that Work in Progress pictures are not necessarily indicative of the final quality of the pieces, nor are they intended as a step-by-step how to - for those you should check out the 'Tutorials' tag. Not every commission may have Work in Progress updates here on the blog.

My current commission is a set of Space Hulk Terminators, and their CAT. The CAT has had its antenna extended using a piece of paperclip wire, and the Terminators themselves have been rebased onto 40mm bases with some assorted bitz on there. Use of bitz in this manner is free on commissions - I'll happily use what I have to hand if I think it will add to the model. In this case as the client has requested a jungle theme I want to give the impression that something old and forgotten is buried in the Jungle. A bit like 'Lost' then.

So, here are today's pictures:


Tristan said...

Nice, I've just been finishing up modeling my SH termies as flesh tearers. My 40mm bases are magnetized so I can still use them easily for the board game. Love the antenna extension on the C.A.T. - consider that idea stolen!

Rath of Un said...

What did you use on the bases? It looks really good. It also looks like you didn't remove the Space Hulk Terminators from there bases did you?

Maz said...

The bases are standard GW 40mm ones with the SH terminators glued on. The SH bases were clipped and trimmed with a knife a bit to get them to fit better, before being smoothed on with greenstuff. Small, chopped-up parts from the GW Cities of Death kits were then glued to the 40mm base here and there, before the usual mix of sand and a few small bits of kitty litter were applied with PVA glue.
Part of the commission cost covered the purchase of some brass-etch foliage and plants which will give the jungle flavour once the paintwork is done.