Friday, 10 December 2010

WCM Decal Sheets Available on Commissions

As my current commission is waiting on an order from GW, I've had a couple of days to work on something interesting (my Imperial Fists Killteam). As is usually the case I've decided to go overboard on markings and the result is this decal sheet for Imperial Fists Space Marines. Click the image above for a larger view.

Note that for the forseeable future I will not able to print white, or white-backed decals, so in some instance helper decals (similar to the blank circles in the image) are provided. These should be applied first, and then carefully painted with the appropriate colour before applying the second decal over the top. I'll be putting a tutorial together over the next few days. There is also obviously the option of using the standard GW decals with the unit markings from this sheet, or Forgeworld's excellent decals. These are home-printed decals, and as such will have some limitations that industrially screen-printed decals do not - I wouldn't recommend these if you struggle with 'ordinary' decals. I've been advised not to offer these for general sale, so I'm limiting their sale to being part of a commission job only - ie the decals are to be used on the models commissioned.

Follow up and variant sheets will be done over the next few weeks- a more varied set of unit type emblems, a Crimson Fist decal Sheet, a Blood Angel decal sheet for each of the main Battle Companies, after that, I'm open to suggestion.



GDMNW said...

Printing your own decals is the way to go. I offered to buy my wife a laser printer for her to use, you know printing out recipes and such.

Who'd have thought it would turn out to be so useful when it comes to printing out custom decals too...

Winterdyne said...

There are actually a couple of models of laser printer that can be used to print white-backed decals. Unfortunately these run to the thousands of pounds so are well out of my reach for the time being. Make sure you use the laser decal paper though - I've had issues with my laser printer fusing the inkjet type film to the roller.

DijnsK said...

decals for scroll work? it looks so fine im considering doing just that... i freehand most of my other stuff :)

good idea