Wednesday, 27 February 2013

King Leoncour of Brettonnia

And another job finished. This is the metal version of King Leoncour on his Hippogriff. A really nice model, and one I enjoyed painting greatly, despite having to do the banner twice after creasing it when gluing it on... As luck would have it the second one is better, if a little bright. Nice to paint something that isn't a Space Marine (Games Workshop TM, lol) for a change. As ever, click the images for a larger view.

Black Templarised Huron and Claudio

Eeesh, I've not updated the blog in a while (check out our facebook page for more frequent updates).
Anyway, I recently converted up a Forgeworld Lugft Huron into a Black Templar marshal, and a Claudio from Space Hulk into a Templar Assault Terminator. These were based and painted to match a previous commission from the same client. Click the images for larger views.