Tuesday, 19 June 2012

GDUK2012 Warhound Diorama 'Hunting Bigger Game'

Ok, this is now on the painting table (and occupying most of another table too). Prospective entry for either Open or Diorama categories at GDUK 2012. Commission piece for a very regular client. I have other pieces to work on as this goes, but this one NEEDS to be done for GDUK.

Probably the most dynamic pose you can squeeze out of a Forgeworld Warhound, and requiring an extreme amount of reinforcement. The entire supporting leg has 2 lengths of 3mm diameter steel rod running through it. However as the rods are parallel in the mid-piece of the leg, the model still exhibits some twisting there in warm conditions (I work in a conservatory studio, where the temperatures can hit 35C). To solve this I found the simplest solution is a barrel lodged under the back toe of the lead foot. You can see it in the image above. It's also easy to remove for short term display. At extreme, over 1 kg of weight is being supported by a 7mm x 12mm piece of resin, set way off from the point of balance. It was... interesting... finding out whether the pose would work.

There is a fully detailed interior (including the FW Titan Techpriest), more of which will be seen in later posts.

The banners are paper, and temporary - the final ones will be painted and curved before mounting.

As ever you can click the images for larger views.