Client Testimonials

This page contains testimonial messages from our clients, and links to the threads around the internet where they have been posted.

Hi Maz,

I received the miniature (Vermin Lord) yesterday, it was completely undamaged :). I can't have asked for anything better, the sculpt is sensational! big thanks to yourself for organising everything and a big thanks to Mark for the sculpt!

Cheers Jon - UK

Hi Maz,
I received your package yesterday. The Master of the Forge rocks! One cannot really apprehend the details before seeing the mini, it's really impressive (and lightwieght, thanks to the resin). It arrived in good condition, with only 1 antenna and 1 servo-pincer broken during shipping - nothing a drop of superglue couldn't fix.
It really is a fragile mini, I gonna have to think about a solution to transport it!
Great job all around!
Mathieu - France

When I first approached Winterdyne to do my Elysian commission I had done quite a lot of research on the web and from what I had read about Winterdyne my expectations were high and they didn't disappoint.
For me the whole process was painless and we had a good dialogue before Winterdyne started the project about paint schemes and what to include in the army. 

Maz kept me updated through the Winterdyne blog and personal emails and the whole process was documented with pictures so I had a good indication of what I was getting the entire time. I had some minor adjustments to the poses of some of the miniatures at the end and it was fixed immediately.
Once the miniatures arrived and I could see them "in the flesh" they were superb! I would definitely recommend using Winterdyne and will use them again myself.

Andreas - Norway

Via email - Tom Moore did the paintwork / assembly on this job; Maz handled specification and communication.

After getting minis sculpted from Scibor I was in need of a professional painter to finish the job, my skills are severly lacking in that department.
I was rather hesitant at first but Maz convinced me with his professional demeanor that he was the right guy for the job. We communicated more than once per day until all the details were sorted out.
I commissioned tabletop quality, I was rather surprised when i got the first results. In my opinion his tabletop quality goes beyond that.
Excellent painter with more than fair prices, highly recommendable to anyone in need of a paintjob.
Thanks again for the wonderful minis, cant wait to do more business.

Mike - Switzerland
Via email

I'm so happy with the work Winterdyne (Maz) has done. After careful examination of each piece I had found much more detail than the photos actually reveal. I particulary noted all the dremel work on the drop pod which i could not see in the photos. Really cool stuff. The paintwork and attention to detail are just awesome. I would recommend him to you all but I have him booked out for the next 10 years :P No seriously, I can't recommend him enough if you need anything commissioned.

J- New Zealand

Awesome work Winterdyne (Maz) !

And to answer a quote from a member before, yes his customer is a happy man
As i have the luck to judge Winterdynes work with my own eyes, i really have to say, in real his miniatures look even better than on his photos.
I really can only recommend his work to everyone who give a thought on giving commisions. (Hope i am allowed to say that here ?)
And to misterjustin (Secret Weapon Miniatures): Its my fault that the Dark Angels have no secret weapons bases, but since the other D.A. Miniatures i own from Winterdyne also had none, i felt this would not fit to the whole picture.
The next Army surely will have them.

T- Germany