Saturday, 27 November 2010

White Dwarf Subscriber Model (2009) NMM

My local GW store (Warhammer World) was running a painting competition for the White Dwarf Subscriber minis today, so over the past couple of days I pushed out this little chap (about 12 hours work). To break from the gritty stuff I'm doing on commission at the moment and to show that I can handle clean, vibrant jobs too, I decided to run with the NMM (non-metallic metals) technique, which is very unusual for me. I think it came out quite well. And I got first place in the competition. Out of a field of one - nobody else entered! Oh well, it won me a box of Dragon Princes for Warhammer, so can't grumble!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

For Sale - Golden Demon Finalist Dreadnought etc.

Due to the client being unable to settle the balance on this commission the models above are for sale. I'm looking for sensible offers coming in at above £750, plus shipping. These represent around 200 hours' work, so you're getting a real bargain at that price. The two dreadnoughts are to competition standard, and the Sicarius is to my tabletop character standard.
Contact me via email with offers. I reserve the right to close the sale when offers have stopped coming in, or at any other time I see fit. I'll inform buyers of whether they've been outbid or not.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Deathwatch Black Templar

A very rare use of OSL (object source lighting) for me. It's generally not an effect I feel has any requirement on a tabletop miniature, but in this case I wanted to liven up the plain black of the Deathwatch / Templar uniform. The Deathwatch insignia and extended shoulder pad rim are sculpted from greenstuff and plasticard. The right arm is a modified Dark Angels Veteran's arm. The backpack is also a DA Veteran piece, and the helmet is from the Black Templars upgrade set. As usual, click the image for a larger view.

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Ultramarines Captain Sicarius

A pretty quick job, this Sicarius as it's to 'premium tabletop' level, rather than the competition grade work done for the dreadnoughts forming the rest of this commission. As usual, click the image for a larger version. A zenital coat was applied with the airbrush for both the blue and the banner, topped with hand painted details. The lining of the cloak is based on a very ancient pot of Citadel 'Ghoul Grey' I found lurking in the bottom of my 'greens' box... lovely colour, I must find a modern equivalent...

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

George Dellapina's Ork Gargant Assembly Site

This set is now SOLD.

The set consists of six separately based terrain pieces, mounted on 6mm MDF, all painted to an incredibly high standard. Click the images for larger versions as usual.

There is an extremely high level of detail throughout the pieces - with various tools and equipment lying around. Every raised platform has an appropriate ladder to reach it so the whole set 'makes sense'. Little toadstools are present on the bases of many of the pieces to give the set that fungal ork look.

George is now available for commissions and is particularly interested in taking on scratch build and sculpting projects and can be contacted through this site. High end painting jobs are also considered. If you like his style, drop us an email.