Wednesday, 3 November 2010

George Dellapina's Ork Gargant Assembly Site

This set is now SOLD.

The set consists of six separately based terrain pieces, mounted on 6mm MDF, all painted to an incredibly high standard. Click the images for larger versions as usual.

There is an extremely high level of detail throughout the pieces - with various tools and equipment lying around. Every raised platform has an appropriate ladder to reach it so the whole set 'makes sense'. Little toadstools are present on the bases of many of the pieces to give the set that fungal ork look.

George is now available for commissions and is particularly interested in taking on scratch build and sculpting projects and can be contacted through this site. High end painting jobs are also considered. If you like his style, drop us an email.

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Master Manipulator (every store needs one) said...

This table is great. I would hate to have to buy the kits you used to get the parts, but you have used them to great effect. It is very creative and incredibly well done.

Great stuff...!!