Pricing Guide / Contact

The following figures are for guidance only and represent minimal starting figures. You should contact us directly for a quote stating your precise requirements for a more accurate idea. These prices are for modelling work only. The cost of the models themselves is not included.

If you have a specific artist in mind, please make this clear in your enquiry so it can be forwarded on. If you have no particular choice of artist in mind, we will between us make a choice as to who will take your commission on, based on who is available and interested in your task.

If you are an artist interested in working with us, feel free to contact us with good quality photographs of your previous work. We're interested in working with people who can consistently produce Competition Standard work of Golden Demon finalist level or better, or a consistent score for tabletop work of 7.5 or more on CoolMiniOrNot.

INCLUDED as standard:
Assembly including pinning as required
Paintwork to 'premium tabletop standard'
Decal or freehand work for basic markings
Standard Basing (gravel, sand, static grass, slate)
Detailing with spare parts, accessories
Drilling of weapon barrels

NOT INCLUDED (these cost extra, and may add waiting time):
Conversion and sculpting work
Internal paintwork on Vehicles
Specific requested parts (eg Forgeworld accessories, resin bases)
Extra freehand or custom decal or printwork (eg Banners)

PRICING GUIDE (based on 28-35mm Miniatures)
Single Character Model on Foot - from £75
10 basic infantry - from £125
5 heavy infantry type / complex schemes - from £100
Monster - from £100
5 Cavalry / Bike - from £150
Small Vehicle - from £70
Medium Vehicle - from £95
Large Vehicle or Large Monster - from £150
Decal Sheets (A4) - from £6

Citadel Finecast / Forgeworld Spin Cast Kits
Due to quality issues with these models, a surcharge is necessary to cover time in chasing up replacements and/or making repairs. This is difficult to quote for without the first model in hand. In the case of problems, we will be in touch to let you know the situation. Cancellation of particular models from a commission is perfectly acceptable in these situations. We can source and clean up (strip / repair) metal versions through eBay on your behalf where these are available, and this will often be the cheaper option. Forgeworld's pressure cast models are usually of workable quality and so do not incur this surcharge. Please contact us for further details.


MAJOR CONVERSIONS: Conversions may be based on other companies' parts or products but are made as a provision of a service, as one-off pieces. Under this premise we can stay within the original piece's design motifs.

CASTING: When building models for production (casting) all parts must either be 100% our own work, or an original piece for which permission for duplication has been given. No use of design motifs particular to another company can be made. Parts sculpted over other companies' work and then cast and passed to us for duplication will also be rejected. Return cost of rejected parts is drawn from your deposit.
In short, please do not ask us to duplicate another company's products.

We do not do our own casting in house, and pricing from our caster may vary. Please email us for an estimate of cost if you want a job doing that involves casting.
Deposits are taken before any work is started. These are at the following rates:

Models Being Ordered as part of the commission:
Model Cost at local Retail rates (eg GW HQ at Lenton) + 10% of commission fee.

Models Being Sent by the client:
20% of commission fee.

Scratch-builds, Major Conversions and Sculpts:
10% of commission fee, non-refundable.

Deposits are counted toward the balance for the commission, and with the exception of deposits for scratch-built or sculpted models are at least partially refundable in the case of amicable cancellation of the commission - see the section below for details. By making your deposit you are agreeing to the terms as set out below.

We accept payment by Paypal, charging an addtional 5% to cover fees, excess from which is added as credit on your account. You will be informed of the actual value of your payment when it is received. Alternatively you can mark the payment as gift, and cover the fees at your end.

We also accept payment by direct bank transfer, using IBAN / BIC / SWIFT or UK account number and sort code deposit. For large transfers this is frequently a much cheaper method of making payment.

Subject to arrangement, we can also take cash payments, but obviously this can only be done at a point where we can meet to hand over models - at Games Day for example.

Any Product from Secret Weapon Miniatures requested as part of a commission (we have to make the order) will be charged with a 15% discount on the price as advertised on Secret Weapon Miniatures' website. It's well worth taking a look!

Maz, Tom and George are all based in the Nottingham area. This means we can place orders for Forgeworld models at the GW HQ store in Lenton, which means we get free postage if they don't have the items in stock, and also means we can return items easily in the case of bad castings. Forge world models ordered as part of a commission for Maz or George are charged at cost, with no additional postage cost.

If you want us to write an article or tutorial, please email us with an idea of what you'd like producing. We're capable of producing professional - looking results including full photographed step-by-step tutorials in a variety of formats.

Recently an increasing number of our clients have requested we work to the very best of our ability, as we would for a competition. We're happy to engage commissions on this basis, but be aware that the price for such work is considerably higher than the guidelines as given above. Such work can only be quoted for on a case-by-case basis and after discussion of your requirements.

In the case of non-payment after completion of the commission no refund of either deposit or model cost will be made. The funds from the deposit and model cost are used to pay for our time in selling on the completed commission. As we maintain contact and progress logs throughout the commission process, there really is no valid excuse for not having payment ready at the end of the commission. In cases of difficulty, we can be amenable, but please let us know what is going on. We're here to paint and construct models, not chase clients for moneys owed.

In the case of a cancellation, a full or partial refund of the deposit and / or model cost and / or return of some or all of the miniatures can be made. The earlier you cancel in the process (ideally before we start!) the better for us, and the easier it is to resolve the situation. Scratch builds and sculpts or any other form of entirely bespoke models carry a non-refundable deposit.
Full refunds of the deposit can ONLY be made in the following circumstances:

1) No miniatures have been sent or purchased for the commission.
2) The client pays shipping for the return of miniatures sent or purchased for the commission.

Miniatures can only be sent back to the client in the following circumstances:

1) No work has been undertaken on the miniatures, or such work is at a state where it is of negligable value in the artist's opinion (eg just undercoated, or unfinished).
2) Any work that has been undertaken on the miniatures that is not of negligable value has been paid for - this can be drawn from the deposit.
3) That there is sufficent value left after (2) to pay for return shipping to the client, insured for the value of the commission (work + model cost + shipping).