Tuesday, 27 July 2010

Customising Predator Step-by-Step Tutorial

A step-by-step tutorial covering the customisation of the Space Marine Predator shown above is now available here. Please note that this tutorial doesn't cover paintwork, but the method used is almost identical to that used for the Sternguard in the previous tutorial. Topics that are covered include cleanup and preparation of both plastic and resin parts, magnetisation and a helpful guide to making repairs to shrunken resin components that may snap.
Please contact me if you spot any glaring mistakes, I hope it's found interesting and useful.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Secret Weapon Miniatures Discount

Having had a chat with Justin over at Secret Weapon Miniatures the other night, I'm pleased to announce that I can now offer a 15% discount on all Secret Weapon Miniatures products used as part of a commission! There are some great products available - head on over and have a look:


Ultramarines Landspeeder Storm (occupied)

Another shot of the Landspeeder Storm, this time with the passengers on board. The scouts are secured to the vehicle mostly by pins, with the hanging passenger's pin being held in place by a magnet (which also holds the replacement handle for when the scout is not on board). The base is by Secret Weapon Miniatures, with some additional accessories added. Click the image above for a large multi-angle image.

Ultramarines Landspeeder Storm (empty)

A Landspeeder Storm, with the scouts disembarked. Note the ammo crate and binoculars. These occupy pin-holes which hold the passengers when they are attached. The base is by Secret Weapon Miniatures, with additional accessories. Click the image above for a larger, multi-angle image.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Ultramarines CQB Scouts

A squad of scouts equipped for close-quarters battle - shotguns and a converted 2nd edition power fist on the sergeant. The sergeant also has a greenstuff cloak. Everything else is pretty much stock, with the exception of some 1/48 Tamiya accessories used as stowed cloaks / sleeping bags on two of the scouts. Bases are from Secret Weapon Miniatures' Trenchworks range.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Ultramarines Assault Squad - 2nd Co, Squad VII

A ten-man Assault Squad is a really good way of giving an opponent a headache. Click the image above for a large image showing front and back shots of all 10 marines. Several nice conversions in this squad, notably the two marines with complete Eldar on their bases. Various Eldar and Imperial Guard parts have been used on the bases of some of the other marines. Secret Weapon Miniatures' Trenchworks bases have been used for basing - when a running assault marine is pinned to one of the trench edgings, it really helps give a sense of motion.