About Winterdyne Commission Modelling

Winterdyne Commission Modelling is a UK-based professional model-making and miniature painting service started in 2009 by Maz Wiernikowski. We are self-employed artists collaborating to make this site and blog a useful, interesting resource for other modellers and a convenient location for high-quality artists to get commissions and showcase their work. Together we represent more than 100 years of modelmaking and painting experience.

We also dabble in writing articles and tutorials. If you would like us to write an article or tutorial, feel free to email us and discuss it.

The artists listed below can be contacted and booked through this site. 

Maz Wiernikowski has been modelling and painting for more than 20 years. In 2009 he decided to go full time. With the completion of a commission for a client in New Zealand, it seemed the ideal time to put up a persistent record of what he'd done professionally in miniature painting. This Blog is the result. Maz has 3 finalist pins from Golden Demon UK, 1 from 2010, 2 from 2011 and 2 and a Silver Demon Trophy from 2012. Maz regularly posts models completed on CoolMiniOrNot.com. Click *here* to view his gallery there. His current ranking on that site is:

John Harrison has been painting professionally now for about 5 years, although he has been involved in the hobby for about 15. John has a competitive background in mini painting, with 6 finalist pins and 2 top 5 finishes, the latest at Games Day UK 2011. John is a pretty talented all rounder, but is probably better known for best his base building, conversions and a fresh and creative approach to minis. Online he is known as Darkmessiah. You can view his work from the last 2 years at the Wamp forum.
You can find his gallery at CoolMiniOrNot.com *here* and his current rank on that site is:

Mark Rodgers started painting seriously around 9 years ago, and sculpting a little over three years back. He gained two Finalists in the 2010 UK Golden Demon with Delphan Gruss and the Green Knight. He prefers working on individual models or small groups as this allows him to paint plenty of freehand detailing. When he’s not painting, he sculpts both conversions and scratch builds, and can be found on painting forums under the name Mako.

Andy Dean is our newest member of the team. He has been an avid wargamer since the release of Rogue Trader in the 80's and has been painting and modelling since he was even younger, with his first kits being tackled (with varying degrees of sucess!) long before he was even old enough to go to school. Whether it be army painting, display pieces, sculpting or terrain building, Andy enthusiastically draws upon over 25 years experience from many related art, design, and engineering fields. He is a regular contributor to many online forums under the pseudonym 'Orki', and since picking up the brushes again a only couple of years ago has won several international online painting competitions and recieved numerous finalist awards at Salute 2011, with his work regularly making Coolminiornot's 'Top last 7 days'. His current ranking on that site is and you can check out his gallery *here*.

George Dellapina also has a long modelmaking background, in excess of 20 years, with propmaking work in the Film and TV industry and also having worked at Warhammer World in Nottingham. He prefers to work on scratchbuilds and sculpting jobs as well as very high end paintwork. George is currently accepting 'interesting' commissions.

Chris Straw over the years has painted models for both private clients and corporate jobs. Some of his work can be found on Mantic Games' site. Chris is interested in both army and high-level work, with his skillset leaning more toward the latter.

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