Monday, 13 December 2010

Applying Waterslide Decals Step-by-Step Tutorial

A tutorial covering the application of waterslide decals is now available by clicking here or on the image above.


Mr.E said...

Great tutorial. I would if you dont mind, suggest an easier system of applying decals.

I have tried all the various paint on "decal xxxxxx" over the years, and I found on accident that to get rid of the "silver" effect and have a very pliable and easy to manipulate decal is to use very hot water. As well as a paper towel to press on the decal once it is set. I used this when I was painting Toy prototypes for companies as well as still now in 40k.

Winterdyne said...

Thanks for the comment and suggestion - this probably works by softening the decal film to the point where it's actually slightly melted, which is pretty much what the solvents do anyway. Was this on a matt surface or semi-gloss, and does the method work with inkjet printed decals?

Mr.E said...

from my experience it works well on any surface, I prefer a matte finish to apply the decals, but it works better with a gloss coat down first. It also works well with the ink jet printers, just need to be fast with it.

Happy I could share some of my knowledge.