Thursday, 2 December 2010

Unknown Sculpt Space Wolves

A squad of Space Wolves sculpted by someone else (not Scibor according to him), painted to tabletop level. Note for costing purposes these counted as heavy infantry. I had to make a few fixes to the sculpts prior to painting, notably tidying up the weapon hafts and fixing proportions on some of the arms (where it was possible). The Sergeant also has a guitar string cable added to his power fist.

Edit: 22-Dec-2010: Scibor posted a comment a few days ago on CoolMiniOrNot stating that these miniatures were not sculpted or converted by him. To avoid any confusion I've editted this post accordingly. Please ignore the original page title.

Click the images for a larger view.


Warhammer39999 said...

That Scibor certainly has talent, doesn't he? Of course, your paint jobs only add to the effect. Good job.

Munky said...

I really like the Thunder hammers! very cool.

Maz said...

Please note - Scibor says he didn't sculpt or convert these. I've ammended the post accordingly.

Chris said...

Here's a link to the guy to actually worked on these models.