Sunday, 12 December 2010

Imperial Fists Assault Sergeant

Here's the sergeant with the custom decals I designed on - there is no freehand whatsoever on the model, which is very rare for me. Click the image above for a larger view. This model is from my own personal collection (not a commission piece). There are actually 16 decals on this single miniature - can you spot them all?

I'll be putting together a short .pdf tutorial over the next few days to cover the techniques used in applying the decals.


Vent said...

Stunning stuff. I'm really interested in your Decals, they look amazing.

Winterdyne said...

Thanks - I'm currently working on varied tactical markings, so the second draft sheet will be a load better. Do be aware though that sheets that contain any GW owned IP (ie the Aquila, Chapter Badges, Tactical insignia etc.) can't be sold, only produced as part of a commission.

The Independent Characters said...

That is - quite frankly - the baddest looking mofo of an Imperial Fist I have ever seen. I absolutely love the pose, the attention to details... EVERYTHING about this model.

That guy looks like he is about to punch you into the 42nd Millennium!

Nicely done!

Flekkzo said...

That looks amazing. Really amazing. It put a big grin on my face:)

Where did you find that funky jump pack? Looks old school:)

Winterdyne said...

It is old school. My entire assault squad is the metal 2nd edition version, just with modern arms shoulder pads and weapons as the old loadout (hand flamers ftw) hasn't been legal for some time.