Thursday, 1 December 2011

WIP Blood Angels Death Company, Necron Deathmark

Here's the Death Company test I've been working on based on the same techniques I picked up while working on the Black Templars. The basing's not complete yet (I'll do the whole squad and Lemartes as a batch) and will be done to match the recently completed Mephiston.

Here's a Necron Deathmark I'm working on as yet another very quick job to test some techniques and rake in some extra cash. Some minor tweaks to make to the OSL around the gun, and I may revisit it with a dash of silver to get some of the edges to pop on the metal body. In a change to my usual style the base is edged in brown (VMC Leather Brown). Black just didn't look right with the quite light, wasteland effect I hope I've got going here.

As ever you can click either of the images for a larger view.

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