Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Black Templars Terminator Assault Squad

This squad is now basically done bar the varnish. I'm pretty happy with the black technique and I've found a nice fast way for doing parchment over black (Panzer Aces paints for the win!); two things that will help with the larger Blood Angels commission I'm working on. Each of these Terminators is converted in some way; either the addition of a subtle (or not) Templar insignia or just by some heavy battle damage. The bases are scratch built.

As ever you can click the image for a larger view. The next post I make will be covering the Death Company I've been working on alongside these.


Ambush36 said...

What is your technique for painting the black? It looks pretty sweet!

Maz said...

Vallejo black primer.
Very rough highlights with Vallejo Model Color Black-grey.
Edge highlights with GW Codex Grey.
Glaze back edges with thin VMC Black-grey.
Glaze back black grey with thin VMC Black-grey and VMC Black mixes, down to pure VMC Black in the very shade. Make sure the majority of the surface isn't quite pure black.
Scratches / chips:
Highlight line GW Codex grey, shade line or majority of chip in VMC Black.

Shade line