Sunday, 11 December 2011

Dreadfleet Set

On Friday, Chris and George handed over some of the Dreadfleet set they're working on for me to photograph. The pieces shown are finished, but will be rephotographed with the complete set when it's all done. This is what we term extremely high end work, bordering on Competition grade, coming in at around £2500 for the complete set. As you can see though, the quality really is superb.

As ever you can click the images for larger views.


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GhostRecon said...

Hi all,

I'm the one who made this commission, and having received it can say I'm very impressed with the work. The attention to detail is great - definitely worth every bit, and I for one will certainly be conducting any other commissions I need with these guys. Every piece of the Dreadfleet set was painted to the high, almost extreme quality of the pieces they've posted on the blog-post above... as I said, very impressive work.

Thanks guys!