Thursday, 14 July 2011

WIP Master of the Forge (Pandora Chapter)

John converted up this Master of the Forge for a custom paint job which I (Maz) will do. The bulk of the model is based on a selection of simple resin parts that John cast himself to act as blanks for building detail on, with the servo pack and various other pieces coming from GW techmarines and a plastic Marine arm. The specification agreed with the client was to bulk up the miniature so it can act as a centrepiece, while keeping details close to the illustration in Codex: Space Marines.

Click on the image for a larger view.


Anonymous said...

Woah - thats awesome.

Hows its balance with the big plasma cutting arm in the centre - would it have been better balanced with that on one side and the flamer arm centred?

Maz said...

It's fine. A little top-heavy, perhaps. I may bore out the base and stick a few lead weights in there if I feel it necessary while I'm painting.

The base is a mesa-style one from Secret Weapon Miniatures (plug, plug). Very nice and available through this site with a healthy discount as part of a commission. :-)