Thursday, 21 July 2011

Citadel Finecast Captain Stern Review Plog WIP (2)

So I've worked a bit more on the Finecast Captain Stern. I actually got through no less than 3 replacements being sent out to me (which if you count the rejected models at the store makes 9!) before I gave up on getting a decent mini. I eventually got a refund which I spent on a Finecast Emperor's Champion which is OK. Not superb, as there are a couple of tiny bubbles and the sword was a pain to straighten. Finecast is certainly a hit and miss range, in my opinion. I'll stand by the points made in my original review. In the not-too-distant future, I'll post up the Champion as it's being done for a commission.

The model above is the review model. A zenithal airbrush job on the armour (from black / VMC Gunmetal to Vallejo Model Air Silver), shaded with black and blue washes and then highlighted with pure VMA Silver. The blade is half-masked and airbrushed over white with GW hawk turquoise and then VMC black. To speed the process I thinned with Tamiya thinner rather than water.

As ever, you can click the image for a larger view.

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