Tuesday, 21 June 2011

WIP Vermin Lord

For a while now, Mark's been busy putting together a conversion for the same client that commissioned the Grey Seer Skrittar. The client requested we work around the model shown. I've compiled both of Mark's WIP updates into this single post as I forgot to update this earlier (Bad Maz!).

Mark explains the first update, shown above:

'Based of the JMD miniatures Demon model, the verminlord is a big beast (that's a 50mm base under him), but it's amazing how different the model looks once the tail is swapped for a rats and the fur is added. He's waiting for his right hand to be rebuilt round his glaive and his head to be built at the moment, but the fur is steadily progressing up his back. I see him almost as a grey seer who's overdosed badly on warpstone, bulked up and mutated. The head is therefore going to be a mix of rat and demon, with warpstone veins and areas the muscle and bone show through on it.'

Mark's Second update sees the head starting to take shape:

'The verminlord's head is beginning to take shape. Each tooth has been individually fitted to give him a vicious bite, and the mutations can be seen around his eyes. The warpstone veins are still to be added, along with the fur and other details, as the head gets fleshed out more and more. The lower jaw is currently just a placeholder, but it will be heavily muscled and furred as well as mutated a bit. There's also a large pair of double horns to go onto the head which will allow me to sculpt the neck in.'

As ever you can click either of the images for a larger view.

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