Friday, 3 June 2011

More Finecast Fun...

It's probably wise to draw our readers attention to this. I make no apologies for the language used in the linked blog post, I'd swear too under those circumstances. I guess this particularly affects those of us in warm countries, although it's been hitting 30 Celcius in the conservatory where I work.

On a secondary note, I received a replacement Captain Stern this morning. Also miscast with bubbles knocking off the corner of the cloak, heels and top portion of the bolter. Warping / mould slippage is less noticeable, though the lens on the armour is still off-circular, and will need resculpting. Nice one, GW. I've asked for another replacement. At this rate I will have a half-dozen Sterns, all of which needing varying amounts of work.

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Commissar Dave said...

Man that was one upset dude. I have just purchased a Fine Cast model myself, so I will make note and not leave it in the sun.