Tuesday, 28 June 2011

WIP Sanguinary Phalanx Honour Guard (1)

As followers of the various forum threads I put up about the place will know, the commission I'm working on also consists of an honour guard. The two images above show the Blood Champion (the combat shield allows him to keep his plasma pistol) and the Sanguinary Novitiate (apothecary). I still need to finish off the spear for the Novitiate. The honour guard will be wearing candy-coat red armour, trimmed with gold (so deep red glazes over a high-shine silver) which should be a lot of fun to paint. To contrast, the power lances / spears are likely to be in a more standard blue or turquoise colour.


Anonymous said...


Little more can be said!

Messanger of Death said...

The spear is freaking awesome!!! It looks like something a 7 foot killing machine could use without fear of snapping it in half.

Looking forward to seeing these guys finished and painted.