Wednesday, 27 April 2011

WIP Space Hulk Terminators and CAT (12)

Bar the varnishing, the Space Hulk Terminators and CAT are complete. I've washed back the foliage so it's not such an in-your-face green now, and I think it looks a lot better. These two images are indicative of the final look - once the varnish is on, I'll reshoot the entire commission for a consistent photo set. As ever, click on the images above for a larger view.


Adam said...

I was wondering how you paint these terminators, what colours and is it with a airbrush?

Maz said...

The initial zenithal work is done with an airbrush - working over a black undercoat it's VMC (Vallejo Model Color) Burnt Cadmium Red, worked up through GW Blood Red through VMC Amarantha Red through to a mix of VMC Sunny Skintone and Amarantha Red. Then the hand work begins - shading down with GW Asurmen Blue and Badab Black, and then glazing up through the same colours by hand to smooth everything out. The underlying zenithal work is primarily a guide for further highlighting by hand. A final glaze of GW Baal Red (thinned!) helps unify everything.