Monday, 11 April 2011

Grey Seer Skrittar Sculpt Complete

Mark's superb work on this sculpt based on artwork from 'Uniforms and Heraldry of the Skaven' draws to a close.

Mark explains: "With the whole piece finished up, it's really come together and has a lot of atmosphere. It's also a bit of a beast, the base is 60mm to allow it to rank up in units and it fills it nicely. I've stayed as faithful as I can to the artwork, and I'm pleased with how close I've managed to stay. To make it easier to paint, I've kept it in several parts. Two of the bearers have pins that fit into holes on the base to help position the model, and the two headed rat has one too. The seer and staff are separate, and the seer himself drops neatly onto the palanquin. It's been a lot of fun to sculpt, and I have to admit I'm a little jealous at having to let him go! He'll hopefully be just as much fun to paint."

As ever, click on the images below for a larger version.


The GunGrave said...

WOW, great putty work there mate!

Thomas Moore said...

really nice work! :)

Nesbet said...

Awesome work man, love it!

King's Standard Bearer said...

holy crap that is incedible work! Im new to this blog, just found you via SCWH's honor roll. will now follow!