Sunday, 13 March 2011

Elysian Update - 13/03/2011

I haven't updated in a while due to being busy (going to New York and Uni stuff), but I have also been busy with getting more models done.

10 Veterans with shotguns and three meltaguns (click on image to enlarge).

10 Drop Troops with a plasma gun (click on image to enlarge).

A group shot of everything that I have painted thus far (click to enlarge).

I have also modelled another squad of Drop Troops, who will get primed shortly.




The GunGrave said...

Mate, I LOVE that colour scheme! I went for the far more obvious choice of Desert Camo for mine - i wish i'd been a bit more creative!

Good job!

Thomas Moore said...

Thanks a lot!
This scheme was not my idea, it was in the brief but I am really liking it! :)