Sunday, 27 March 2011

Another Drop Troop Squad Done

I have finished another Drop Troop squad for the Elysian army.

Click Image to enlarge:

I have yet to receive the bloodbowl team, that I am supposed to be painting, from mail order, I rang them up and they said that there were some issues but it was supposed to have been cast yesterday, so hopefully I shall have it on Monday to get cracking on with! As I am on my Easter break from Uni I should be getting a lot of painting done over the next to weeks, at least that is the hope!



The GunGrave said...

Another great looking squad mate! Totally lovin' that colour scheme!

Thomas Moore said...

Thanks :) Started building a command squad earlier but my super glue wasn't working, therefore I painted some of my own army (Templars)and bought some new superglue to put the squad together tonight so I can get them primed. I aim to get them done within a few days :)