Thursday, 8 September 2011

WIP Slann Mage Priest on Stegadon

In an effort to get more varied pieces done for Golden Demon UK this year, I've shuffled some of my queue for a particular client around, bringing this lovely Stegadon to the painting table. He's to have a Slann Mage Priest riding on him (big fat metal frog!). The throne from the Mage Priest kit actually fits pretty well on the howdah, so the conversion was mostly just making new palm leaves for the frog to sit on. It took a day to build and prime, and this is the result of day two. I'm hoping to have the piece finished in around 8 days work, which may give me time to do some High Elves too. As ever, click the images for a larger view.


Commissar Dave said...

Wow mate that green is great, how did you do it? and did you use a spray gun if so what type?

Maz said...

I use an AB130-A from at the moment. It's not brilliant, but it does the job. I'll probably move to a Harder & Steenbeck Evolution 2 in 1 when I've got the spare cash, or the AB130-A dies.

The green is over the tan, (VMA Sand Yellow) and is a mix of VMA Sand Yellow and VMA Olive Green.

Shading washes and glazes will go on tomorrow. Might get the first few highlights on too.