Sunday, 25 September 2011

Slann Mage Priest on Stegadon - GDUK2011 Finalist

... and this morning, finished. Damn close to the wire.

A close 4th place I think (as in there was this, and the three placed winners on the table at the end), coupled with a heart-stopping moment as Darren Latham fumbled the piece (possibly as a result of it not being secured to the plinth) and snapped the skink priest off. Nothing not fixable within 2 minutes of getting home. 2 pins for me this year, the other being the Mordheim Freelancer. As ever, click the images for a larger view.


E.D. Wargaming said...

Great model, congrats on going deep in the competition!

Commissar Dave said...

Well done mate. I guess the compition was fierce again with very high standards? I think you should have come away with something other than a pin, because that model is just so cool and really nicely painted.

Maz said...

It was a pretty good contender for bronze IMO, and satisfyingly it nearly made it. There are flaws / unsatisfactory bits on this that I would have fixed if I wasn't working on it right to the wire, and I will tweak before sending to the client.