Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Finecast Emperor's Champion - Golden Demon 2011 Contender?

This guy's pretty much finished now. I've asked the client if he's OK with me putting it through GDUK2011, which obviously puts a delay on delivery. He is, so there may well be a few tweaks to really get this guy to shine. Click the image for a larger view.


Commissar Dave said...

I like him, he is a good simple minature that has been painted really well. But the drama that I have found with GD is knowing what they are looking for that year.

Personly I think he should make it into the final. Will he win dontknow.

As I'm not going this year and not entering GD could you update us after the event to let us know how you did, and good luck I hope you do well.

Maz said...

'Course I will! I've had some nice suggestions from John over how to push this forward, I reckon I can get him pretty eye catching.