Monday, 8 August 2011

Citadel Finecast Captain Stern Review Plog (3)

The 'Finecast' Captain Stern is about done. I'm fairly pleased with how this has turned out paintwork wise, although constantly spotting new flaws (like a stud of resin on his nose, numerous bubbles that I missed previously on the cloak) is a bit of a shame.

As ever, you can click the image for a larger view.

So, how do I feel about 'Finecast' now this model's done?

Well, I think my original review is pretty much on the mark. The material itself is alright - it's nice to paint on, flexible, lightweight and superglues pretty well. It is delicate (I broke the sword on a Finecast Emperor's Champion I'm working on) compared to metal. The primary advantage of the material is the light weight. It's working qualities are appalling for abrasion, but it cuts very (perhaps too) easily.

For those thinking of buying a Finecast miniature, be aware the miscast / horror stories still flood in at about the same rate. Definitely still a buyer beware product. I'd advise buying in person, and checking your purchase in the store, getting a replacement or refund on the spot if you're not happy. There's nothing worse than a journey home in excitement to have it dashed when you open the packaging.

Some retailers are now reporting that they're receiving models both on and off sprue, indicating that perhaps the best parts are now being picked and packed rather than whole sprues from the casting machine. This may indicate an upturn in QA, but is I think probably going to come with another price hike to cover the additional labour.

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