Tuesday, 1 February 2011

WIP Legions Of The Space Marines

This is the start of my latest Commission.  The job is make a display of all the First Founding Legions of the Space Marines. This will include 15 Marines, 3 Terminators most of the Legions will be individually converted to represent things such as Chaplains, Librarians and Demolition troops. All the figure will be display on a custom built display base. Today, Work started with the first two Marines (Ultramarine's & Emperors Children).

After this I started painting with pre-shading with an airbrush. I sprayed the Ultramarine with mordian blue then highlighted with mordian blue & space wolves grey taking care to leave the shadows. I did same for the emperors children except with different colours using liche purple for a basecoat and then highlighting with liche purple and kommando khaki.

That is it for now. There will be more soon, I will be finishing these off next week and will be starting on next figures and base soon! Thanks For Looking!

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