Wednesday, 26 January 2011

WIP 'Grey Seer Skrittar'

Mark's been beavering away a bit on this commission for a while now. We were presented with a simple request (and the above piece of artwork from Games Workshop's "Uniforms and Heraldry of the Skaven"). A superb illustration, click on the image or the title to go buy the book.

"Make this," asked the client.

Here's the progress so far - Mark explains:

"The legs are started and the basic cloth position is there, but will be adjusted as the palanquin and staff are laid in place and the second cloth layer is placed on top. The torso is just a base frame to fill out the chest and arms from, with the staff holding hand in position.

The palanquin back and sides will be sculpted out as wood and metal with the plasticard serving as a skeleton for it.

The staff needs a hanging cloth and the spikes at the top finishing but is close to sorted."

This job is sculpt / conversion only - the client will be painting it up. Hopefully he'll send us some shots of the finished model.

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