Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wood Elf Sorceress

A very quick job as I rush to put together more entries for this year's Golden Demon competition. Total time taken around 14 hours over 2 days. It's a fairly ugly miniature, but I wanted to do something that wasn't Warhammer 40,000 related and that was different from a Space Marine!
Golden Daemon time is tricky for me - do I push on with commissions (some I was hoping to hand over at the show) which could involve rushing a piece or do I paint up some personal miniatures and see what I can do. Luckily I have a partner which saves making up my own mind, so I'm taking the opportunity to vary what I'm taking to the show. The engraved plaque was done at Joblot Trophies in Mapperley, Nottingham. I can't recommend them enough if you need some work doing, and they were happy enough to work on the brass sheet I provided.

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