Friday, 24 September 2010

Ork Mekboy

A big mek done as a quick entry for Golden Demon. About a week's work. Quite pleased with the blending on the red, and the skin tones on the face. This is the first Ork I've painted in about 12 years... I really enjoyed it, full of character and fun...


Anonymous said...

Hey, got it to work, so how did you do that skin if you dont mind sharing?

Winterdyne said...

I really can't remember precisely, and for skin tones, in general you want each individual model to be a little different... It was something like:
Black Undercoat (pretty sure about this!)
Orkhide Shade base coat for green
Dark Flesh base coat for pink (lips, ears, nose)
The green:
Highlight with Knarloc Green
Highlight with Knarloc Green + increasing amounts of VMC Tan Yellow and Rotting Flesh up to pure Rotting Flesh.
Shade down with 50-50 Thraka Green and Gryphonne Sepia.
Very deep spot washes of about 40-60 Chaos Black and Scorched Brown.
Knock it all back further with a few thin glazes of Leviathan Purple.

The pink was simply highlighted with Dwarf Flesh and then an increasing amount of Rotting Flesh to highlight before some spots of pure VMC Ivory.