Friday, 16 November 2012

3rd Blood Angels Assault Squad

The third and final assault squad in the Blood Angels army I'm working on. As ever you can click the images for a larger view. Bear in mind these are TABLETOP pieces, not competition grade, so things aren't quite as tight as I might have done them if I were devoting more time to it. I may go back and revisit all the chainswords in the whole army in the final tweaks phase to add some wear and tear, it's been noted they're a bit clean at the moment...



Zab said...

Nice glow around the eyes. Glazing or dry brushed?

deathkorps said...

Dead sexy! I'm liking the OSL eyes as well- keep up the great work!

M R Lee said...

Nice work on these indeed. You say only TT, but these are better than that IMO.. I really like how you did the axe though, and would love to see a tutorial or color list for it!

Maz said...

The OSL is a simple edge highlight in scorpion green around the socket. The lens itself is Dark Angels Green, then scorpion green, then scorpion green mixed with VMC Ivory. Gloss varnished at the end of the job to give it some 'zing'.

The axe (and swords) in this army are all painted the same.
Basecoat hawk turquoise. Paint the upper portions of the most visible surface black (cover about 1/3 the area).
Do the reverse on each alternating side as far as possible.
Now paint half of each of the remaining (turquoise) areas a mix of white and hawk turquoise. Blend this transition smooth on each flat area.
Edge highlight the entire axe with the white/turquoise mix, with just a touch more white in it. Use this to paint fine lightning forks and s bends over the surface of the axe. Dot with pure white where the lines meet with each other or the edge highlight. Dot with pure white extreme ends of the edge highlights.