Thursday, 27 September 2012

SIlver in Golden Demon UK 2012!

The Titan finally got done (actually with a couple of days to spare for tweaking and so on).

And it got Silver in Diorama! The piece that took Gold also took the Sword (overall trophy) so basically it looks very much like I came 2nd to the Sword! Which is a bit weird for just my 3rd time out.

I'd like to take a moment to shout out to the other painters and folks met at GDUK (and the pre-show painters' dinner, which was loads of fun). See you all again next year, and I'll try and organise the suite again for a mini pre-show show. As we didn't know we'd get that untl we were in it (and it was scarcely believable!) we didn't use it to full advantage. Next time, Gadget! Next time!

Very much enjoyed working on this piece, though it was hard, hard work. Looking forward to sending it off to its new home, once I'm done with the rest of the commissions for the same client. I'm still working through a backlog of jobs (some of which are delegated), and feel it best to say that we won't be taking on anything else for this year while we clear the decks.

As usual, you can click the image for a larger view. This thing is the devil itself to photograph, so more shots will be put up as and when I feel they're good enough.


Messanger of Death said...

Congratulations! I thought I recognised the Warhound when pictures of winners started hitting the interwebz.

Zab said...

Nice job and very deserving! It was stiff competition this year. Looked like a real step up from last years "winning" entries. I guess things are changing at the GW base camp. Again, really top notch work - congrats!

Snake88 said...

Congrats on the silver! Very much deserved.

Klaus said...

Congratulation, well deserved.
I followed most of it on Dakka, and it's really a great project.
Very well done Mate

CMDante said...

Congrats mate, well deserved. I'm determined to make it to the painters dinner one of these days!