Thursday, 13 October 2011

WIP Mephiston Sculpt / Conversion

One of the HQ choices for the small Blood Angels army I'm building for a regular client. The client likes the existing Mephiston sculpt, but we both agree it's a little small and not very dynamic. This WIP of the sculpt shows the new pose I've gone for with this sculpt. The psychic hood is a little smaller and I feel less awkward looking, and I've added a little more motion to the piece. I was hoping to keep it to a 25mm base, but the stump is a little large. At least it'll balance this way. The overcoat will be longer and more billowing than the GW version of this figure. The only original Mephiston part is his sword. Click the image for a larger view.

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Tim Toolen said...

Really glad I caught the link to this over at SCW's Honor Roll. Stellar work, and it makes me want to push past my own GS skills into more difficult sculpts!