Friday, 4 June 2010

Ultramarines Rhino (2)

Another Ultramarines Rhino. Forgeworld doors and front plate used, along with some 1/48 Tamiya stowage and a few old-school Rhino boxes.


Stahly said...

Both tanks look awesome, I really like the reds which add a nice touch to the model!

Nick said...

I really like the paint job on the Rhino, as well as the Predator in the previous post. How did you manage to get the blue so thin? Every time I paint a tank it always looks way too thick, either with the one coat or with several built up. Any advice you may have is very welcome!

Winterdyne said...

The method used on these tanks is *exactly* the method I describe in the Sternguard Tutorial. Edge highlights are done in shadow grey.