Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Ultramarines Terminators

Pretty much straight off the sprue Black Reach Terminators. The sergeant's back icon has been replaced with a banner, and a spare assault cannon has been donated as a heavy weapon. Bases are resin, by Secret Weapon Miniatures.


Andrew said...

I love this scheme - the slightly darker, grittier take on the Ultramarines scheme is fantastic - great work. The basing scheme sets them off perfectly, too - any chance off a few pointers on the colours/techniques used on the basing?

Maz said...

The bases are the Trenchworks series by Secret Weapon Miniatures.

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Paintwork they're very simple:
Black primer
Heavy drybrush Raw Umber
Light drybrush Raw Umber / Naples Yellow
Light drybrush of the above plus a little Titanium White
Light drybrush of the above plus a little more Titanium White.

Stipple with Sap Green for moss.